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The projects shown over the course of Moving In Stasis take on various guises. In some cases the exhibition showcases entirely new works, while in others an evolving process is displayed instead. Given that many of these projects have remained in storage over the past six months, Moving In Stasis seeks to acknowledge that for many graduates, the perspective and research of their graduation projects may have changed. The displayed projects are categorised according to the space they occupy in this process of development and disentangling: ‘Concept, ‘Ongoing, or ‘Completed’. The exhibition and public programme of Moving In Stasis offers graduates an opportunity for reconsidering, questioning, and perhaps allowing a process of evolution to occur. It marks an ending point, in preparation for something new to emerge.

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Vivet Adèle Everyday Ornament Object, Book/text, Installation
Célestine Peuchot Inert domestic system Object
Alice Bardou The utopia lives on the dance floor Video, Performance, Audio Featured
Zeniya Vreugdenhil Above Ground Installation, Video
Gavin Jones The Surfactant Continuum Installation, Film, Performance Featured
Seungbin Yang Requiem : Stranger than Fiction Object, Film, Website
Roberta Di Cosmo Re-birth-Trauma as a performative process Installation, Performance, Video Featured
Helen Milne Archiving the Embodied I Video, Performance, Installation Featured
Bianca Carague Bump Galaxy: Mental Healthcare Metaverse Video, AR/VR Featured
Pia Regenbrecht The Attention Lab Video, Website, Installation Featured
Edoardo Tedone View From La Cité Audio Featured
Anna Oxholm Iversen Loopholing Object, Book/text, Workshop
Lena Windisch Solastalgia Video
Tadeas Podracky The Metamorphosis Object, Video, Film Featured
The Ironing Board Dirty Linen Video, Performance, Film
Yichun Sun Stream of Mine, Valley of Yours Film, Workshop, Object
Jan-Micha Gamer Matters of Reassembly Object, Video Featured
Yun-Ting Chou Therapeutic Makeup Film, Workshop
Ceola Tunstall-Behrens Sounding Choreographies Audio, Workshop, Performance
Marta Ríos Pizà A Designer Walks Into a Bar Performance, Audio Featured
Serina Tarkhanian Co-Healing Installation, Object, Performance
François Chambard Design Paradise Film, Object, Performance Featured
Meghan Clarke This Work of Body / This Body of Work Installation, Performance, Film
Naomi Van Maasakkers All Talk, All Play Video
Ying Chen Will You Still Remember Me After I Leave? Installation, Object Featured
Manon Aubry Maau Studio Y.A.N.T.A. AS A RITUAL AR/VR, Film, Performance Featured
Miguel Parrrra No Wine from the Left-Handed Performance, Book/text, Installation Featured
Joanna Maroko Hidden in my house Film, Installation, Object Featured
Meghan Clarke Taking Time Taken Installation, Object Featured
Lydia Hwang Hi, can you see me now? Video, Performance
Marek Glogowski Plurality Now Sound, Performance Featured
Weixiao Shen Underneath Another Moon / 别有洞天 Film, Video, Object Featured
Michael Bojkowski Made of Stories Video, Performance, Book/text Featured
Matilde Patuelli A Story of Control Video, Installation, Workshop Featured
Pete Ho Ching Fung In the “In the Moment” Moment Behind the “Behind the Scenes” Workshop Featured
Coltrane Mcdowell An Olfactory Biopolitics Video, Film, Audio Featured
Zeniya Vreugdenhil Writing on Air Book/text, Workshop, Audio Featured
Qiao Chu Guo Drifting Temple Performance Featured
Dae Uk Kim Mutant Object, Installation
Angelina Stavela Monopoly Film, Video Featured
Noëlle Van Den Dungen happybirthdayto.[name] Installation, Website, Book/text Featured
Anna Maria Michael Touch me like you do Video
Karolina Mętrak Un.muting Audio, Installation Featured
Sofia Bresciani A Monument to What? Website, Video, Audio
Matilde Losi THE EXhibition COMPLEX Installation, Object, Video Featured
Benjamin Schupp The Echo of the Invisible Video, Installation, Audio Featured
Coline Declef & Daniel Parnitzke In times of Covid eat crème de citron Workshop, Object Featured
Cinzia Bongino The Weapons' Reputation Video, Website Featured
Sergi Casero Hasta las piedras lo saben Performance, Film, Sound Featured
Elsa Rambaud All Ready Here Installation
Charly Blödel Soft Rubble — A Textile Construction System Object, Video, Performance
Pete Ho Ching Fung Boring Events In Between Installation, Object
Federico Santarini Climate Gains Website, Video Featured
Mark Wang Dear Microorganism Audio, Video, Film Featured
Flora Lechner Divine Divan Object, Film, Performance
Ceola Tunstall-Behrens I don't want to perform for time, can time perform for me? Audio, Performance Featured
Fauriel Sarah Loss In Translation Book/text, Installation
Paul Bès De Berc Eindhoven Video, Object Featured